Farewell, and thanks for everything; Miss Zoe Lim

Farewell and thanks for everything.

Let all of us wishes the best for our beloved lecturer, Miss Zoe Lim.

We hope that you will be successful in your life; regardless of any barriers =P

May all of us get good results in this semester exam :)

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~diNa~ said...

...Dear Ms.Lim...
Thanks 4 everything..thanks 4 the lectures and a beautiful moment u spend with us..u're such a kind person.nice to know u..
I'm gonna miss u....=)

kavi said...

Ms. Lim..millions of thanks 2 u..u r a wonderful lecturer..thank u 4 bringing us to explore Balik Pulau n u made me like Balik Pulau actually..hehe..also we've enjoyed all d great moments with u..thanks once again..tc n god bless.

~!! NuHa !!~ said...

miz zoey lim..

thanks 4 the lectures and moments u share with us !! we will not forget that..(^_^)

keep in touch..

-ekin- (",) said...

miz lim...
thanks 4 everything. we gonna miss u. hope u didn't forget us. pray me 4 diz exam.. mizz u .

keep in touch

Raj said...

Miss Lim , I did not expect it will end like this.Such a short moment together. Thank you for everything you have sacrificed for us. I might jump into you in Klang. Please do same thing you have done to us to your students. Take care. May GOD bless you!

zoe said...

THANKS thanks ThAnkSssssss

Perhaps nobody knows that I was in tears the first day I started work in ICT. Being freshly grad from London the cosmopolitan full with TOP brains LATEST tech NEWEST fashion PUNKIEST pubs and bla bla bla it was a fall from the world I have lived and loved for the past one year. I had fond memories of London and I basically wasted one whole week prior to my flight back to Malaysia feeling sad and depressed. The moment I saw the chalet-like working environment and the number of colleagues which I could count with just one hand plus the subjects I needed to teach the depression just got worse. Oh God please take me away and send me back to London..

Too bad the God didn’t seem to care to answer my pray.

So I had to face these 11 monsters just a few days before the long weekend holidays. Fortunately only a few turned up. However I was not safe from being bombarded with funny questions because there was one monster sitting in the front row who was obviously the cat of curiosity. In fact I was so nervous that I actually practiced twice before I entered the class. Trying to look and behave like a LECTURER.

I think the fellow who told me to keep a distance from my students really had misled me. The following days after the school started my nothing-to-hide colleague told me that my students were actually afraid to talk to me. So perhaps I should just be myself when I started the class with another batch of the little monsters. However I predicted that there was a big iceberg for me to break as I could feel the 17 pairs of eyes judging me if I could wake them up for such boring topics like ‘what is communication?’ (one example for dysfunction internal monologue). Furthermore there was one guy sitting at the last row who could anytime be my teacher rather my student.

I wonder if I could survive.

And I certainly hoped I could be set loose before January.

Until the day I moved my seat to the office – I guess things got better from that moment onwards. Suddenly I realized I actually could have fun with my students – after learning from the heavy traffic at the far left corner of the office.

Then I started to really enjoy teaching. And miraculously all monsters have turned into angels. From their smiles I got encouragement. From their sleepy faces I learned to be creative. From their funny questions I learned from another perspective to the same question. And from their eyes I see enthusiasm that can be nurtured; and their painful knees after a short hike that they seriously lack outdoor activities…

My learning from these angels was expanded when there were activities involved. I could never forget how much effort they poured in for a ten-min drama (to the extend of losing sleep for one week..). And I cannot express how relieved I was when I read their assignment of which I was worried they were not able to perform. I never realize how much I was listened to until the moment I marked the quiz papers because these little angels had written exactly what I had said in the class but not quoting straight from the notes. Even a five-min impromptu drama by a nervous-breakdown angel was impressing to me.

Perhaps clinical paper was the toughest to teach. However those were really enjoyable moments though I had only 8 periods with the senior babies. I was particularly impressed with the quick wit from this never-sit-still-air-con-guardian baby. At the same time amused by questions which would otherwise never cross my mind (e.g. can the lungs explode by having acetone-like breath???!!!!)

To the eyes of other departments the Pharmacy Department looks really dull and boring because the people sitting there are working, working, working all the time. The eyes are locked at the computer screen (either on lecture notes or yahoomail or cricket games or….. cannot report more…). However I was not bored at all because I was located at the most ideal and centralized position. From my seat there were views of all members in the department and nearest access to the incoming news (aka the phone). Everyday I enjoyed a fashion show in the morning, then a Manu drama in the afternoon (sometimes), and ended with violin performance slightly before 5. In between I would be entertained with intellectual debates from the scientist whose energy would never lose but converted (E=mc2). I could even go in and out of my boss’s room anytime and without any specific reasons.

See I was pampered.

I had a good time. I had good memories indeed. This was perhaps the shortest job I had in my life but this would remain as one of the most memorable. I wish we had more time together. I truly enjoyed the day we spent together for the whole day. I think we should go for more outings. And ask Pn Zurina to bring her kids along. Also to force Dr Chua to swim in the sea if possible. Mr Junaedi to play violin and Mr Naidu to dance perhaps. In fact everyday with you kids (and colleagues of course) were beautiful moments for me. As I said, you all are my first babies and you all will always remain in my heart. I thank you for the friendship. Thank you for disturbing me in the office. Thank you for sharing your pain and happiness with me. Thank you for your good will. (thank you for your bicycle!) And thank God for keeping me stranded in Balik Pulau!

I sincerely wish the best for all of you. Without Pn Zurina the department will collapse and without you babies the department will be dull. Keep up the good spirit and never forget what you want to achieve in life. I hope you all will do fine in the final exam – I know it’s tough but I believe you can do it with hard work and good faith. Feel free to call or sms or email me if you have any difficulties. If there is anything I have done wrong I will susun 10 fingers to minta ampun (sorry I really not good on how to say this..). Please forgive me for my very bad Malay – in fact I have improved a lot in these 4 months thanks to Pn Zurina.

Will miss you guys very much ~ ~ love you always!

msn username Zoe (zonbe@hotmail.com)
skype username zonbe81
p.s. please send me your name, email add, home add, hp no, DOB, and other relevant details

begum said...

miss lim u an inspiration to us ..
u are not only a wonderful lecturer to us but more than that... a sister who can share our feelings together.. a friend who wiil be there always...
we are all gonna miss u ...
all the wonderful moments that we had in short time..

begum aka naz said...

havent finish yet .. thanks for everything... i want to cry hu hu hu

Aisya~ said...

Dear Ms Lim,
You are such a wonderful lecturer we r sure to miss u... wish you hav a great life there... and plz dont forget us here... and yeah when u get marry dont forget to invite me...k.. hehehe..

WE LOVE YOU.... Muaxxx... hehe

Anonymous said...

hi,miss. when can we meet? i am in kl now.

renny said...

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please visit us http://www.unand.ac.id/arsipua/abstrak/

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