Tak Nak Merokok (Anti-smoking) Campaign


Have you watch the new clip of  Tak Nak Merokok campaign by MOH yet? It’s probably the most awesome clip yet by our MOH, sort of exaggerated a bit by the way.

You can also head to Tak Nak project webpage to see the other tv and radio commercials. I also spotted an interesting comment from a random youtube user.

Okay, probably you're right, over exaggerated, but how bout this, a fact? - In general none of the managers of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company smoked. I asked them why they arent smokers. I was really surprised. One said: We dont smoke this shit, we only sell it. I smiled and he added: We reserve the right to smoke for the... young, the poor, the black and the stupid. — David Garlitz, former Winston promoter”

So what do you think fellas?


marry said...

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kamalka said...

they shld follow uk and Eu countries...here the enforcement sucks...u go to restaurants...smokers still smoke like nobody's business..tengok kat farmasi pun sama...ubat tak label dgn betul

IPSA said...

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Raj said...

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